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We offer PRN/Per Diem, Contract & Travel, Local and Perm positions across the country.


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SnapCare deployed over 93,000 medical professionals across the United States.

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Join the fastest growing clinician community in the U.S. by becoming a part of SnapCare. We provide unmatched flexibility, same-day pay, and a wide range of healthcare jobs, including PRN/per diem jobs, local & travel contracts, and permanent positions.

Care-Life Balance

Enjoy the ultimate flexibility in creating a schedule that perfectly fits your lifestyle. Select from local shifts or explore both short-term and long-term assignments at a variety of healthcare facilities.

Flexible Hours

Enter your availability and receive shift requests that match your schedule. Work the hours that suit you best, all on your own terms!

Same-Day Payments

Experience the convenience of SnapCare’s Same-Day Pay with Paymint, where you can bid goodbye to paycheck delays and welcome instant payment for each completed shift.

Upskill Your Career

Nurture and broaden your professional network within our thriving community, teeming with possibilities for upskilling and personal growth.

Always Here for You

Find peace of mind with SnapCare’s dedicated support team, available 24/7 to assist you with every aspect of your journey, from travel arrangements to healthcare support and beyond.

Onboarding Made Easy

Joining SnapCare is plain and easy. Our secure platform simplifies credentialing, making it as easy as uploading documents and updating your profile.

Looking for “Healthcare Jobs Near Me” in Oregon?

Explore SnapCare’s wide range of healthcare job opportunities in Oregon, including roles for Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), and many more. 

Registered Nurse Jobs

Licensed Practical Nurse Jobs

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Permanent Placement Jobs

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At SnapCare, we value your dedication and hard work. When you choose to take on short-term and long-term assignments with us in Oregon, you’ll gain early access to the SnapCare Rewards Program and be the first to exclusively earn “Snaps” — which you can redeem for a world of exciting rewards!

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What Our Clinicians Say

The Greatest Agency for Clinicians!

Starting my travel journey with SnapCare was seamless, from the attentive support of my recruiter to the smooth handling of every assignment. It’s been an incredible experience, every step of the way. Thank you, SnapCare!

Gwladys N.

Proud to Be a Part of SnapCare!

Being a SnapCare nurse allows me to be part of my patients’ health journeys, building closer connections and achieving improved health outcomes together.

Christina R.

Best Healthcare Staffing Agency Ever!

Since joining SnapCare as a school nurse, I’ve enjoyed remarkable flexibility, aligning work with my family’s schedule—no weekends or holidays needed. The compensation is great too. So for healthcare professionals out there, it’s time to get Snapped!

Mitzie G.


Expand Your Horizons and Take Your Career to New Heights

Eager to join a community that values your expertise and supports your professional growth? SnapCare connects you to a variety of healthcare jobs across Oregon, all accessible through our tech-enabled platform.