Earn Rewards While You Work

At SnapCare, we’re all about appreciating your dedication, so we’ve created SnapCare Rewards to recognize you every step of the way. As you take on and fulfill assignments with us, you accumulate “Snaps” which can be redeemed for a range of amazing rewards.

Join, Perform, Reward - It's That Simple!

The more you do, the more “Snaps” you earn!

Accept our invitation, complete the sign-up form, and hit ‘send’ to start earning “Snaps” right away.

Track your rewards and watch them grow with every assignment, service extension, and pop-up opportunity – all with a simple login to your SnapCare account.

Gain exclusive access to the SnapCare Rewards catalog, featuring a variety of cool items waiting to be redeemed with your “Snaps”.

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Other Earning Opportunities

Earn 5,000 “Snaps” worth $500 after your referral’s first shift

Once enrolled, instantly receive 50 Snaps just for creating an account

Get a Welcome Package Upon Sign-up!


Getting Snaps is Easy

Join SnapCare

Sign up, create an account, and fill out the SnapCare Rewards sign up form that will be automatically sent to you.

Take Action, Earn Snaps

Each action, from completing credentialing to accepting assignments, earns you Snaps.

Redeem Your Rewards

Earned enough Snaps? Redeem them through the SnapCare platform for an array of fantastic rewards. 

Be Part of SnapCare Rewards Today

Transform your everyday into the extraordinary! Sign up now and be the first to know when SnapCare Rewards is ready to roll out in your area.