Medecipher Predictive Staff Scheduling Optimization

Add the right touch to staff safety and patient care with SnapCare’s AI-driven workforce platform and Medecipher’s predictive staff scheduling optimization. Cultivate a harmonious workplace that prioritizes well-being, ensuring you meet the needs of both patients and your team.

Unparalleled Healthcare Workforce Solutions

Explore our expanded range of healthcare solutions, now enriched with Medecipher’s specialized offerings. From comprehensive staffing solutions to advanced data analytics, we’re empowering healthcare organizations to excel in every aspect of their operations.

Advanced Scheduling Decision Support

With Medecipher’s patient census and nurse workload predictions, nurse managers receive advanced scheduling insights and staffing recommendations tailored to match nurse skill sets with patient needs, ensuring optimal resource allocation and care delivery.

Predictive Analytics for Proactive Care

Leveraging Medecipher’s predictive staffing analytics, SnapCare enables healthcare facilities to anticipate and respond to patient needs, ensuring the right staff are in place for proactive care delivery.

Customized Staffing Plans

Our expanded platform delivers optimized staffing plans tailored to your facility’s specific patient demographics and nursing team, ensuring safety, accommodating nurse preferences, and managing costs effectively.

An Enhanced SnapCare Experience



Optimize total workforce spend by improving scheduling precision and reducing over- and under-scheduling.



Improve patient care and workplace safety by matching the skill set, educational background, and experience of assigned clinicians to specific care requirements.



Honor nurse preferences (shifts, PTO, RTO, and training requests) and track fairness in shift changes.


Planning Time

Reduce manual burden for nurse leaders and automate the deployment of internal and external staff, saving up to 50 hours each month on schedule creation & management.

National Reach

Serving healthcare communities coast to coast

Speed to Fill

Deploy credentialed staff in just 8 days on average and predict staffing needs 6 to 8 weeks earlier than status quo

Large Network

Over 380,000 healthcare clinicians

Optimized Staffing and Recruitment

The integration of Medecipher underscores our commitment to optimizing healthcare staffing and improving care delivery, ensuring healthcare facilities have the right staff at the right time.

Phase 1
Data Integration and Analysis

Medecipher collects and analyzes your patient census to recommend the optimal staffing levels and match clinician skill sets with patient needs.

Phase 2

Our expanded platform ensures appropriate staffing at every hour of the schedule, aligning staff with patient appointments, treatments, and care needs, enhancing patient satisfaction and care continuity.

Phase 3
Clinical Services Coordination

Our AI-enabled platform addresses your staffing needs, ensuring that clinicians with the right specialties are available when needed for specific patient groups or conditions.

Phase 4
Continuous Staffing Optimization

Our technology platform makes staffing adjustments as patient care needs or staff availability changes, adjusting staffing levels and skills required to ensure optimal patient care.

Your Partner in Healthcare Transformation

For Acute Care Facilities

Streamlined Operations

The expanded platform optimizes workflows, reduces administrative burdens, and enhances operational efficiency.

Enhanced Clinical Decision-Making

Advanced scheduling and predictive analytics empower leaders to make informed resource allocation decisions, leading to improved patient outcomes and a safer and more satisfying work environment for staff.

Optimal Staffing Levels

Advanced algorithms recommend staffing levels tailored to patient needs, ensuring optimal nurse-patient ratios and enhancing safety.

For Post-Acute Care Facilities​

Pioneering Solutions

Impact the design and features of our product with your feedback and have a hand in creating a solution that helps facilities, nurses, and patients.

Tailored Solutions

Provide feedback and insights to customize the platform to the unique needs of post-acute care facilities, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

Early Access

Gain early access to cutting-edge technology and contribute to the evolution of post-acute care delivery, setting the standard for the industry.

About Medecipher Team

Stephanie Gravenor, MBA


Rada Yovovich, MBA


Let’s Shape the Future of Healthcare Together

As SnapCare welcomes Medecipher, we’re not just merging companies; we’re uniting visions to redefine healthcare. Stay connected with us as we embark on this transformative journey, shaping the future of care, together.