The New Era of Tech-Enabled Workforce Solutions

Middlemen and staffing agencies are out; workforce management platforms are in. Welcome to the new era of tech-enabled workforce solutions where clinicians can apply for jobs in one click and facilities have greater control over their workforce mix and spend.

A Platform Bringing Clinicians and Facilities Together ​

Excellent patient care is the ultimate goal of everyone in the care continuum. At SnapCare, we created a two-sided marketplace that empowers clinicians and facilities to do their best work together.

For Facilities

Reduce reliance on middlemen, resulting in up to 15% savings on agency expenses

Total control and management of both direct and contract staff in one platform

Enhanced patient care through quality matching with SnapCare AI

Comprehensive access to credentialing and relevant record

When additional services are needed, complete price transparency from SnapCare

For Clinicians

Self-service access to job opportunities

Increased options for a balanced work-life

Digital credentialing for ensured readiness

Opportunities for career development with reskilling and upskilling

Recognition, rewards, and benefits via the SnapCare Rewards program


Time and Attendance

Our system supports clinicians during assignments with SnapCareMobile, designed for speed and convenience. It handles all hourly timecards and reimbursement requests, and manages Guaranteed Hours and Stipends, saving facilities and clinicians valuable time and hassle.


End-of-Shift Payment System

SnapCare’s Paymint, an earned wage access product, allows clinicians to pay themselves directly through the app. Unlike other earned wage solutions, SnapCare enables clinicians to access 100% of eligible wages at no cost to them. Cha-ching!

Join the New Era of Workforce Solutions​

Discover why hundreds of facilities nationwide and 380,000+ clinicians trust SnapCare with their healthcare talent solutions and job search needs.

SnapCare's AI-enabled healthcare workforce platform