360 Solutions for Your Workforce Management

Apart from upgrading the SnapCare Platform, we have expanded our service offerings to meet your facility’s evolving needs. From no-cost internal resource pool management to permanent placement services, we’ve got you covered.

Permanent Placement Recruiting

Tell us your internal staffing needs and requirements, and our recruiters will take care of the rest. Our diverse recruiting team has the expertise, relationships, technology, and persistence to find you the perfect match.

Internal Resource Pool Management

Prioritize use of your internal staff using the no-cost, cloud-based resource pool module on the SnapCare platform. Seamlessly populate your internal resource pool, then create, post, and fill shifts with your own resources. The intuitive portal design, AI-powered matching, rapid messaging, and optimized workflows eliminate the guesswork and burden of filling and managing open shifts.

SnapCare PRN Services

Tap local pre-credentialed SnapCare clinicians (in select geographies) to fill your un-claimed internal resource pool shifts. Easily review system-matched clinicians, including qualifications, and invite them to fill your open shifts.

SnapCare Contract Local/Travel Services

Fill short-term and long-term temporary staffing needs with quality contract labor at a fraction of the cost. Easily input your needs, preferences, and requirements in the SnapCare platform to initiate instant AI talent matching and candidate review. Clients can always rely on SnapCare transparent pricing.

Managed Service Provider

Manage all of your contract labor suppliers in one platform to drive consistent compliance to your policies with simple billing and administration using our Managed Service Provider services. Our MSP fees are 20% less than most competitors, allowing for better clinician pay, faster fills, and greater partnership among all of your suppliers.

Talent Acquisition Services

As experts in healthcare talent acquisition, we understand the complexity and reality of your real-world staffing and budgeting challenges. Our talent acquisition experts partner with you to pinpoint and eliminate root causes for inefficiencies at any stage of the talent journey.

The SnapCare Difference

Large Network
Over 370,000 healthcare clinicians

First to offer Instant Credentialing
and Same Day Pay

Marketplace for All
Management with a strong history of running two-sided marketplaces

Speed to Fill
Average of 8 days to source and fully deploy credentialed staff

National Reach
Serving communities coast to coast

Industry Expertise
Deep domain expertise in Acute,
Post-Acute, Government, and
School sectors

Find the Right Workforce Solutions for Your Facility

SnapCare is dedicated to addressing your staffing challenges and helping you optimize your workforce management. Get in touch today to explore how we can transform your processes.