Connect with Local Pre-Credentialed Clinicians

SnapCare PRN

SnapCare PRN offers access to a network of local, pre-credentialed clinicians in select areas, ready to step in and cover your unclaimed internal resource pool shifts.

Match with the Right Clinicians Quickly

Our system intelligently matches you with suitable clinicians, showing their qualifications upfront. This allows you to review and invite the best-fit professionals to fill your open shifts with ease.

Efficiently Fill Shifts with Top Talent

Transparent and Controlled Savings

Our transparent pricing model gives you control. You set the pay rate for clinicians and immediately see the total bill rate, maximizing your savings and budget control.

Rapid Delivery of Top-Quality Staffing

With our AI-powered matching engine, quickly fill open shifts with high-quality, pre-credentialed clinicians. This efficient process ensures that you are always staffed with top-tier PRN/Per Diem professionals.

Champion Clinician Quality & Commitment

At SnapCare, we reinvest our tech-enabled cost savings into clinician quality and loyalty. Our robust loyalty program, upskilling opportunities, comprehensive support, and initiatives like the SnapCare Foundation all contribute to nurturing a dedicated and skilled workforce.

Take the Next Step Towards Streamlined Staffing

Experience a new standard in shift management. Discover how SnapCare PRN can flawlessly blend into your per diem staffing approach, guaranteeing both excellence and efficiency at every turn.

SnapCare's AI-enabled healthcare workforce platform