California Timecard Changes

UPDATE: Effective February 16, 2023

On Sunday February 19, 2023, SnapNurse is switching over to a new paper timesheet version 3.6 that is easier to use and includes larger entry cells. The new timesheet is for all California facilities excluding CDPH facilities (CDPH facilities will continue to use the CDPH specific timesheet.)

You can find the new timesheet in the Timesheets section below.

Paper Timesheets

California Timesheets

If you need to use a paper timesheet for signature you can download the form and instructions here: Form & Instructions

Mobile Timesheets

If you need to use a paper timesheets for use with SnapCare mobile app & at California based facilities only you can find those here: Mobile App & Mobile App at California facilities only.

SnapNurse Mobile App

October 14, 2022

The mobile app has been updated. There is a new field to enter a compliance report if you were NOT permitted to take your full, duty-free meal or rest periods during your shift.

Overview of mobile app and clock-out for California >>

California Meal Period Waiver

As a healthcare provider working in California, you are entitled to take either one or two 30-minute, unpaid meal periods per shift, depending on the length of your shift. Many clinicians prefer not to take two unpaid 30-minute meal breaks during their longer shifts; or in shorter shifts, not to take one unpaid 30-minute meal break. The waiver provides you a choice so that you can exercise your right to voluntarily skip one meal break on any given shift. The decision whether to elect to waive a meal is completely voluntary, and SnapNurse supports whatever you decide.

To access the waiver, log into your account at and navigate to InstaCred and Step “CA Meal Breaks Waiver”

If you have any questions about the waiver, please reach out to your recruiter, or email us at

Data Stipend

You are entitled to a data stipend when you work in California. For each week you work in California, you will receive a $2.50 stipend to cover the use of your mobile data. The stipend is paid via direct deposit. Do you need to update your banking details?

Details Here