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SnapNurse delivers a holistic, consultative approach through advocacy focused on building workforce sustainability. We develop our clients to be independent of agencies while building collaborative staffing plans to ensure continuity of care.

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Long-term care (LTC) is vital to Pennsylvania, where an aging population and rising healthcare costs are driving the demand for quality nursing care. In Pennsylvania, LTC facilities provide 24-hour nursing care to individuals who require ongoing medical attention due to chronic illness, disability, or age-related issues. Pennsylvania has a rapidly aging population, with nearly 20% of the state’s residents aged 65 and over. This demographic trend is expected to continue, with projections indicating that the state’s 65+ population will increase by 25% over the next decade. 



One of the key challenges facing the LTC industry in Pennsylvania is a shortage of qualified clinicians including Registered Nurses & allied health professionals. This shortage is due to several factors, including high turnover rates among LTC nurses and an aging nursing workforce. The shortage of nurses in LTC facilities is particularly acute in rural areas, where access to healthcare services is limited and the demand for LTC services is growing.

Another challenge facing the LTC industry in Pennsylvania is the need to maintain high standards of care. The state’s LTC facilities must comply with strict regulations and standards set by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. LTC facilities must also meet the needs and expectations of a diverse patient population, including older adults, individuals with disabilities, and those with chronic medical conditions. Ensuring quality care requires ongoing training and support for LTC clinicians. 



SnapNurse is the fastest growing provider of technology driven workforce solutions. As an avid supporter of ACHA/NCAL associates and cabinet members, our leadership is made up of former clinicians, healthcare leaders, and technology experts. Our RN Clinical Leadership team has more than 40 years of combined experience and are focused on reviewing resumes for fit and making sure clinicians are aligned with clients goals. SnapNurse is also Joint Commission certified and a member of the Joint Commission Healthcare Staffing Advisory Board. Every SnapNurse clinician undergoes primary-source license verifications and specialty-specific Relias testing to ensure clinical quality. Our team determines staffing plans of action with our clients so we can determine the skills needed for the position, coach our clinicians, and set expectations. SnapNurse is one of the few large agencies who provide RNs, LPNs, and CNAs who are all seasoned travelers.

SnapNurse delivers a holistic, consultative approach through advocacy focused on building workforce sustainability. We develop our clients to be independent of agencies while building collaborative staffing plans to ensure continuity of care. SnapNurse offers tech enabled workforce solutions, an online platform for shift and float pool management. The SnapNurse platform includes a variety of features to automate your contingent labor lifecycle such as invoicing, credentialing management, and digital timekeeping.  


How SnapNurse can Help

SnapNurse strongly identifies with PHCA’s mission to provide for Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable residents and their providers of care. As an organization, SnapNurse shares this commitment to quality; supporting individuals, caretakers, and communities by exploring innovative workforce strategies and solutions.

SnapNurse can create a curated float pool to support various facilities struggling with staffing shortages, increased agency cost and utilization. SnapNurse’s goal is to address the most pressing staffing challenges facing PHCA members by increasing clinician presence in the state, supporting a continuity of care for our clients. The float pool model empowers our partners to deploy resources to a multitude of facilities across the state seamlessly. SnapNurse strives to provide healthcare facilities with staffing solutions that offer the highest-skilled clinicians at the most competitive rates, while ensuring that the staffing process is completed in a timely manner.

SnapNurse’s proprietary AI matching technology streamlines the matching process to qualified clinicians and drives industry leading fill rates for client openings. The scalability of the SnapNurse platform allows flexibility and prescriptive contracts with every size of healthcare facility from large/complex networks to single facilities.


In Summary

The long-term care industry in Pennsylvania is facing a range of challenges, including a shortage of qualified clinicians, the need to maintain high standards of care, and an aging patient population. Despite these challenges, the industry also presents many opportunities for growth and improvement, including training and support for LTC nurses. To ensure that Pennsylvania’s aging population continues to receive high-quality care, it is critical that the state’s LTC industry continues to evolve and adapt to changing needs and demands.


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