Supporting the Advancement of Healthcare Professionals

Empowering Nurses and Healthcare Workers Through Continuous Education 

About SnapCare Foundation 

The SnapCare Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the advancement of nurses and other healthcare professionals. We believe that nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system, and they deserve to have access to quality education and experience opportunities that enhance their skills and knowledge.

Our mission is to provide scholarships, grants, mentorship, and networking opportunities for nurses who want to reskill or upskill in the nursing, allied, and other healthcare professions. By investing in the future of these individuals, we endeavor to help solve talent shortages across the continuum of care, leading to better healthcare for all.

We are creating a variety of courses to support healthcare professionals at different stages of their careers. Our goal is to address talent shortages within the healthcare sector by investing in the future of healthcare practitioners, leading to better healthcare for all. 


We currently offer scholarship grants for our digital CEU Zoom courses, available quarterly and sponsored by the SnapCare Foundation. Grants are awarded to qualifying clinicians who require essential continuing education units (CEUs) to keep their licenses and certifications up to date. 

Grant Opportunities