Our Transparent Pricing Promise

At SnapCare, we’re committed to providing full visibility into our billing and pricing by offering detailed insights on our all-inclusive rates and significant cost savings over competitors.

Predictable Pricing

When partnering with SnapCare, you can expect predictability and certainty in your billing. We offer an all-inclusive bill rate that won’t hide the details of our business. This pricing transparency ensures you’re aware of the exact costs and how our efficient platform saves you money.

Transparent Billing Details

We’re proud to disclose the components of your bill, ensuring complete transparency. This includes:

Clinician Pay Rates

You’ll know the exact hourly pay rates paid directly to clinicians.                                               

Travel Costs

We pass through travel costs at government-approved GSA standards, without any markup.

Benefits and Taxes

We provide a transparent presentation of costs for benefits and taxes, again without any markup.

Itemized Invoices

With SnapCare, you’ll receive itemized invoices at specific intervals. These detailed invoices provide a clear breakdown of your fees, which covers recruiting, credentialing, and employment services. This transparency demonstrates the value we provide; highlighting cost savings compared to competitors.

Our Transparent Pricing Promise

At SnapCare, we operate on a Transparent Pricing Promise, ensuring you always understand your bill rate and its components.

Each SnapCare invoice starts with the clinician’s pay rate.

A fixed market rate is added to cover direct costs for taxes and benefits, with no markup.

Travel clinicians’ costs are passed through at government-approved rates, free from markup.

A straightforward hourly fee that covers recruiting, credentialing, employment, and other costs.

The Result

A fixed bill rate that’s typically 5-10% lower than our competitors for exceptional talent.

How We Calculate Your Bill Rate

We calculate your bill rate step-by-step.

Clinician Pay Rate

Flat Market Rate for Benefits & Taxes

Travel Clinician Costs

(If Applicable)

Hourly Fee for Service Costs Pay Rate

This transparent process ensures you’re aware of every element contributing to your bill rate.

Savings Over Competitors

With SnapCare’s commitment to healthcare staffing pricing transparency, you can anticipate significant cost savings. Our bill rates are typically 5-10% lower than most competitors, offering you exceptional value without sacrificing quality. We can offer this because of the efficiency gained by using our AI-driven technology platform.

Volume Incentives

Do you have volume needs? At SnapCare, we believe in passing on savings to you. Get in touch with a Workforce Solutions expert to explore how we can further tailor and optimize your staffing solutions.

Transparent Pricing Is a Promise You Can Trust

Step into a world of transparent pricing and predictable billing with SnapCare. Engage in a partnership that prioritizes your needs through our Transparent Pricing Promise. Connect with us and find out how much you can save today!

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