Bringing Care to Your Doorstep: SnapNurse on the move in Kern County 

SnapNurse's Mobile Unit was deployed in Kern County from June 2021 to provide healthcare services to underserved areas. The team of seven travel clinicians persevered through seasonal inclement weather, covering over 8,000 miles and providing over 12,500 COVID-19 vaccine shots, COVID-19 tests, and flu shots.

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“Thank you all SO much for joining us for lunch today! It was the very least we could do to show you how much we truly appreciate you all for the tireless work you have done and the lives you have saved in Kern County! We will miss you tremendously!”

Carly Dawson
Administrative Coordinator/Assistant to the Director
Kern County Public Health 


This story highlights the importance of personalized, respectful, inclusive, and professional medical care for all individuals, regardless of their background or socioeconomic status. We hope their story inspires more healthcare providers to bring medical services to underserved communities and make healthcare accessible to all.

The SnapNurse mobile team was comprised of seven travel clinicians, including two RNs, one CNA, one ENT, and three LVNs, all fully credentialed and deployed by SnapNurse. The team had a blast driving around the county covering over 8,000 miles, providing crucial medical services to underserved areas across the county.

During their deployment, the SnapNurse team provided over 12,500 COVID-19 vaccine shots, COVID-19 tests, and flu shots, among other medical services. Their dedication to their work was admirable, and the locals expressed their gratitude for the care and compassion they received. SnapNurse’s model to better the care to patient ratio was a positive outcome of the service. 

The SnapNurse team worked 50-60 hours per week serving their patients and yet reflected on the bittersweet feelings of leaving behind the memories and experiences shared with the locals.

The Kern County team was so thoughtful that they hosted a lunch to celebrate the end of service for the SnapNurse team. The event was an opportunity for the locals and the team to share their experiences and express their gratitude for the team’s services. The SnapNurse team is ready to come back to Kern County anytime they’re asked as they expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the support and kindness they received from the community during their deployment.

SnapNurse’s Mobile Unit deployment in Kern County was made possible thanks to the support of the California Department of Public Health, which allowed the team to provide vital healthcare services to underserved communities. Their success story sets a model that can be replicated in other areas in California and beyond, bringing much-needed medical services to underserved communities.

We express our sincere appreciation to the SnapNurse team for their dedication, hard work, and commitment to serving the community of Kern County. 

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