From our CEO to our Clinicians: It’s important to me to know you!

A letter from our CEO, Jeff Grant, to our clinicians.

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To Our SnapNurse Clinicians:

I am Jeff Grant, the new CEO of SnapNurse, and I wanted to write all of you both to introduce myself and to thank each and every one of you for making SnapNurse what it is today. I have been fortunate in my career to lead several companies who have each shared a collective focus on improving choice and opportunity for the communities they served.

What made these companies successful was simple: they listened intently to their clients’ and team members’ feedback, and they were always looking for ways to make things better. This is, in large part, what attracted me to SnapNurse. Our company was founded by healthcare clinicians who shared a vision to give you — their fellow clinicians — the choice, mobility, and earning power you deserve.

Our goal from inception has been to support and empower you so that you can focus on what really matters: providing the best care possible for your patients. As we continue to work to realize this vision, I want you to know that your voice will be critical to every decision we make. We will listen to you. We will stay focused on your needs. And every day, I will challenge myself and our team to look for ways to make your experience better. Your trust and support mean everything to us, and your unwavering dedication and commitment to providing quality care for those in need is an inspiration to our team.

You are the backbone of our healthcare system, you deserve to be treated with respect, and in every interaction with us, I want you to know and feel the deep gratitude our team has for you. Because your voice is so central to our company’s success, let me close by encouraging you to share it with us. We will periodically reach out to you for feedback throughout your assignments with us.

I want you to know that every member of our senior leadership team will study your feedback. But I also want you to know that our lines of communication are always open to you if you want to reach out.

You can call your recruiter anytime, and you can also reach us at 844-804-7627.

I look forward to our journey together and thank you for your trust and support.


Very truly yours,

Jeff Grant, CEO

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