Meet Our 2023 SnapNurse of the Year!

In this exclusive interview, Phillipah shares her inspiring story and the meaningful experiences she encountered during her travel nursing assignments with SnapNurse.

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We are thrilled to announce Phillipah K. as the deserving recipient of our prestigious SnapNurse of the Year award! With over 20 years of nursing experience under her belt, Phillipah’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Having worked in various roles within the nursing profession, from CNA to LVN and nursing leadership, she brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

Phillipah joined SnapNurse in January of 2021 during the midst of the pandemic. Her driving force was to make a difference and be a part of history. As a travel nurse, she embarked on her first assignment in California, where she was instrumental in vaccinating over 4000 people a day – a truly awe-inspiring accomplishment. The experience left her in awe, realizing the immense impact nurses can have in shaping the healthcare landscape.

SnapNurse exceeded Phillipah’s expectations, providing a supportive and empowering environment that allowed her to thrive. Her interactions with patients were nothing short of exceptional, embodying the one-on-one care that patients truly deserve. For her, the gratification of making a difference and leaving a lasting impression on someone’s life is priceless.

Phillipah’s decision to join SnapNurse and venture into the world of travel nursing has been life-changing. It brought her out of her comfort zone and led her to embrace exciting and unpredictable experiences. Her dedication and passion for nursing shine through in every encounter, making her a true inspiration to her peers and patients alike.

We are honored to have Phillipah as part of the SnapNurse family and are immensely proud to name her SnapNurse of the Year. As a token of our appreciation, she has been awarded $5000 – a well-deserved recognition for her exceptional contributions to healthcare.

Congratulations, Phillipah, and thank you for being an outstanding role model for all healthcare professionals. Your dedication and commitment to making a difference are an inspiration to us all!

More Insights from Phillipah:

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