SnapNurse Becomes SnapCare

SnapNurse Becomes SnapCare, an AI-Enabled Marketplace Platform for Clinicians and Facilities that Takes Excess Costs Out of Healthcare Staffing.
SnapNurse becomes SnapCare

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SnapNurse Becomes SnapCare, an AI-Enabled Marketplace Platform for Clinicians and Facilities that Takes Excess Costs Out of Healthcare Staffing

ATLANTA (Oct. 24, 2023) – SnapNurse, Inc., is relaunching as SnapCare and introducing a wave of innovative solutions that give healthcare organizations unprecedented control over workforce management.

“The name change reflects the company’s commitment to caring for a broader range of clinicians and clients by growing our technology platform to further reduce healthcare costs and improve ease of use. That commitment will be backed by a nearly 300% increase in technology investments,” said CEO Jeff Grant.

As healthcare organizations struggle with rising staffing costs, SnapCare is focused on putting the needs of healthcare facilities and their clinicians first – which means prioritizing internal workforce and PRN needs so that these facilities can minimize the traditional role and costs associated with agency middlemen. The company’s platform provides a smarter and lower-cost way for facilities to manage their workforce needs, control costs, and help facilities deliver quality patient care. This is the heart of SnapCare’s ‘more tech, right touch’ promise.

Clients can expect to save more than 15% on core staffing services. When they utilize the full suite of SnapCare’s technology and analytics offerings, savings are likely to exceed 20% compared to what competitors charge for the same services.

The company is building a world-class, tech-enabled workforce marketplace that serves the full continuum of care and gives healthcare facilities complete visibility into the right mix of talent. The SnapCare platform will initially feature two key upgrades that streamline workforce management:

  • Cloud-based, two-sided platform with order submission and tracking – Clients have full visibility into available talent from their platform portal and can submit, track, and optimize their total support needs in one place. Clinicians can apply for posted roles, upload and manage their credentials, and build professional profiles to find the best opportunities for their needs and skills.
  • Internal float pool management (currently offered at no charge to facilities) – Clients can post shifts and select from a pool of internal team members. The AI-enabled platform does the rest, making it easy for clinicians to choose and schedule open shifts and for clients to fill their current needs. In a fast-to-follow release, the platform will allow shift posting for SnapCare’s 370,000-plus clinicians.

With these upgrades, SnapCare will offer six wrap-around services:

  • Permanent placement recruiting
  • Internal float pool management
  • PRN staffing
  • Contract local/travel staffing
  • Managed service provider
  • Talent acquisition services

All services will be available at scale with the industry’s clearest and most compelling transparent pricing promise. These initial capabilities are just the first step in the company’s work to build a complete, two-sided digital marketplace across the entire healthcare continuum.

“SnapNurse has always been a responsive staffing company that we have relied on. I look forward to seeing how we can save money by using more of our internal staff leveraging their SnapCare platform,” said Kenneth Lassiter, CEO of GENESYS Health Alliance.
SnapCare looks forward to providing GENESYS and all clients an unprecedented workforce management experience with greater savings, transparency and control, as well as improved ease of use for clinicians.

About SnapCare
SnapCare™ is an AI-enabled workforce marketplace that serves the entire continuum of care. Our platform offers healthcare facilities complete visibility into the ideal talent mix for their unique needs and associated costs. We designed our workforce solutions to significantly improve client savings and efficiencies, minimizing the need for intermediate agencies, returning control to healthcare facilities, and ensuring total transparency in pay and pricing. Our pioneering technology and comprehensive staffing services offer a smarter way for facilities to manage their workforce needs and deliver quality patient care.

For more information, visit and follow SnapCare on LinkedIn and YouTube.

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