SnapNurse’s Bold Leap: Tripling Tech Investment for AI-Driven Growth

SnapCare triples tech investment to revolutionize healthcare workforce solutions

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With a nearly 300% surge in technology investments and rebranding, SnapCare (formerly SnapNurse) is betting big on AI staffing, showing a strong commitment to revolutionizing healthcare workforce solutions.

SnapCare CEO Jeff Grant explains, “The name change reflects our commitment to a broader range of clinicians and clients by growing our technology platform. This move aims to further reduce healthcare staffing costs and improve user experience.” This leap into AI-enabled platforms is not just about staying current; it’s about leading the charge in a tech-driven future.

With that, the platform will now feature two significant upgrades: a cloud-based, two-sided platform with intuitive order submission and tracking and an internal resource pool system. This system allows clients to effortlessly post shifts and pick from a pool of qualified internal team members.

SnapCare's AI-enabled healthcare workforce platform

These changes also mean SnapCare will now offer a wider array of services: from permanent placement recruiting and internal float pool management to PRN staffing, contract local/travel staffing, and services for managed service providers and talent acquisition. Each service is designed to make healthcare staffing more efficient, cost-effective, and tech-savvy.

Notably, Atlanta-based SnapCare is not just another player in the market. Since its founding in 2017, it has rapidly climbed the ranks to become the ninth-largest travel nurse staffing firm and number 15 on SIA’s 2023 list of Largest Healthcare Staffing Firms in the US.

SnapCare’s massive technology investments and shift towards AI staffing are set to innovate workforce solutions in the healthcare industry. It signals a new era from being just a healthcare staffing firm to becoming a leader in technology-driven talent acquisition services.

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